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We offer a non-competitive cheer program that provides a platform for your child to learn basic cheerleading and to have FUN! We will provide all of our cheerleaders the opportunity to participate in a safe and organized cheer program supervised by experienced cheer coaches. Our core responsibility will be to teach your child the fudamentals of cheer. This will include learning to work as a team, applying safe practices to stunts, learning cheers and supporting the football teams and entusiastically energizing the fans.

Each cheer squad will have a Head Coach and at least one Assistant Coach. All coaches will be certified through the OCYFL cheer program, will be approved by our Board of Directors and will undergo a background check. All coaches will instruct and guide each cheerleader individually and as a group. Our focus is to instill sportsmanship and to teach cheer in a fun way so everyone enjoys the games. As parents you should expect our coaches to show you respect, understand any concerns you may have and create a fun environment for your child.

We will practice 3 days a week during August then move to 2 days a week when school starts. We may add a practice on a Saturday if we feel the squads need additional instruction.

Our games are played on Saturdays and Sundays but we may also do a Saturday night under the lights.

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