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Our number one priority is the safety of our players and reducing the risk of concussions. In our efforts to acquire equipment we used one standing goal, only the highest rated equipment for our players. In our pursuit of this goal we came across a 2013 study from Virginia Tech-Wake Forest University on adult football helmets. The study evaluated the industry's top manufacturer's helmets as they relate to concussion risks. The Virginia Tech-Wake Forest study is recognized as the industry-wide standard that manufacturers are measured by and the results are accepted by the football community at large. The results can be viewed by clicking here

From the results we determined that the Xenith X2 football helmet was the one for our players and we will be fitting all teams with this helmet. Although the study was conducted on adult helmets the xenith X2 youth bonnet (inner padding) is the same as the adult bonnets used in the study. This 21st century design is nothing like anything on the market today and had the highest rating given by the study. Xenith football helmets are designed to reduce sudden movement of the head upon impact. The unique bonnet system and patented air-cell shock absorbers adapt to each player's head also adapting to impact much like an airbag in an automobile. By cinching the chinstrap, players experience a snug, secure and comfortable fit that will help prevent the helmet from coming off during play. We encourage parents to check out the helmet and the manufacturer by clicking here

You can view our player removal policy in the event your child is deemed to have suffered a concussion by clicking here .PDF. Please read and keep this in mind as our season unfolds. Thank you.

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