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  • Season start date is August 1st of current year.

  • Season end date is November 7th of current year or by Thanksgiving if your team makes the playoffs or Superbowl.

  • All games are played on a Saturday or Sunday.

  • What we provide for football:  Helmet, shoulder pads, pants w/ pads, and practice jersey (these items must be returned at the end of the season).  You will receive a personalized game jersey with your child’s name and number on it which will be yours to keep.

  • What you provide for football:  Cleats, girdle with cup, socks and mouth piece (colored only). 

  • What we provide for cheer: Game uniform to include the top, shell, skirt, briefs and  bow. 

  • What you provide for cheer: Shoes, socks, practice apparel, black leggings.

  • Documentation:  By July 1st of the current year your child's birth certificate, parent code of conduct and registration form are due. Your child’s medical form is due by August 1st of the current year. You do not need a well care visit or physical – you just need your doctor to sign off on the form and place his stamp in the box on the form.  No child is permitted to practice unless all documentation is received by the date indicated.

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